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journal version Castlevania Decadence

Rock N Roll Geisha

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14 January
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My name is Tracy, but I am sometimes known as my nickname, Batty. I am a fashion designer, and an all around eccentric. I like too many things to box myself into a label. I do love jrock, some goth, glam rock, rock n roll, and britpop. I like geeky stuff like video games, ddr, manga, and anime too. I'm obsessed with dollfies and the 18th century. I'm pretty easy going, but I can be snarky and have a sarcastic sense of humor. If you don't like my views then leave, and if the door doesn't hit your ass on the way out I would be glad to provide my boot. I do this for my amusement/outlet- not yours, if you are in turn amused, please stay on board.

Azrael's Accomplice Clothing

I started and moderate this amusing community:

70's, 80's, 834, abba, agf, alan cumming, alice cooper, alien sex fiend, alt.gothic.fashion, apocalyptic folk, asian guys, azrael's accomplice designs, belly dance, big hair, birds, bjds, boys in make-up, brit pop, buckle boots, burlesque, campy horror, cats, christian dior, christopher walken, classic movies, clothing, corsetry, corsets, costume history, crowley, current 93, dandies, david bowie, death in june, deviants, dollfies, donovan, dreadlocks, drugs, ega, elton john, enochian magick, erasure, fake hair, fashion, fashion design, fetish wear, fops, gackt, gaudy makeup, gaultier, ghost hunting, ghosts, glam fashion, glam metal, glam rock, glamour, goetia, gothic, gothic lolita fashion, gucci, guiness, hair extensions, haunted places, haute couture, hedwig, high fashion, hyde, iggy pop, indian food, ireland, j-rock boys, jagermeister, japan, japanese men, jesus and mary chain, jrock, kiss, kissing, las vegas, legendary pink dots, lizards, love, love and rockets, luts dolls, machine in motion, make-up, manga, martinis, middle eastern dance, modeling, moi dix mois, morrisey, motley crue, music, musicals, new orleans, new wave, new york dolls, nick cave, old movies, opera, paranormal psychology, period movies, petticoats, pin-up girls, platform shoes, poison, prada, punk, purses, retro, rob zombie, rock n roll, rocker dudes, roller coasters, roxy music, sarcasm, sex, sopor aeternus, spirits, stockings, sushi, t-rex, tarts, terry gilliam, the 18th century, the beach, the cure, the damned, the golden dawn, the legendary pink dots, the occult, the paranormal, the rolling stones, theater, theatre, tim burton, true love, turner classic movies, vassago, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, vintage clothing, virgin prunes, visual rock, wigs, winter, ziggy stardust, zombies

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