Batty (batty) wrote,

Goth Royalty Application

1)Have you ever gone/still go by a cheesy goth nickname, if so what is it, fess up!:
3)Why you want to be here and what in your opinion makes you "gothic royalty"?:
4)What area of the world do you live in?:
5)What will you bring to the community:
6)Favorite Gothic Aesthetic:
7)How long have you been in the scene:
8)What drew you toward gothic styles or made you want to be a goth (always this way, did an event happen to make you so, did something appeal to you specifically, etc)?
9)And what's made you stay in the scene or stay living the gothy lifestyle?:
10)How do you feel about the bastard stepchildren of Goth, ie: cyber, lolita, rivet head, graver, emo, etc?:
11)Is your entire house gothy or just your closet? (show us pics if you would like):
12)Please give your opinion on the following:
a)black lipstick
b)pony falls/extensions
c)normal colored hair
d)baggy pants
13)Have you ever (answer however you want, this is not a get goth points contest, nor does anyone think the below questions makes one "goth", but we do find answering them rather amusing):
a) smoked a clove (or enjoyed the scent of one if you don't smoke)
b) burned incense
c) hung out in a graveyard/cemetery
d) spent too much money on buckle boots, hairspray, corsets, etc
e) wrote gothic poetry
f) been misunderstood by the locals (extra points if you couldn't have cared less)
g) painted your nails black
14)In your opinion what is an unforgivable gothic faux pas:
15)Your day job:
16)Have you ever done anything to contribute to/help out the gothic scene or goths in general?:
17)Tell us an interesting (or funny) story about your uber goober days:
18)Something you find that fits your criteria for being gothic that may not be generally considered traditional goth (ie: a style, a book, a place, a event, a person, a band etc) then tell us WHY:
19)Website: (if you have one)
20)Favorite bands:
21)Most memorable concert/gig/event etc and why:
22)Favorite movies:
23)Favorite books/authors:
24)Favorite gothy article of clothing:
25)Do you have a trademark style:
26)Have you ever started a "gothy" fashion trend because of your trademark style (this could be locally or globally):
27)Give your personal answer to the old dreaded question "What is goth?":
28)If you could give any "words to the wise" to people wanting to learn about the gothic subculture/living a darker lifestyle what would they be?:
29) What has changed most about the scene/or your place in it over the years for you personally?
30)What have you done for us lately? (post a place you promoted us.....your personal lj is fine, yes you MUST do this):
Now give us at least 4 pics of you showing diff aspects of your style behind a LJ cut.
(if you are too dumb to know how to use one please go away) YOU MUST HAVE PICS TO APPLY.
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