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Me [10 Feb 2011|02:03pm]
If you really wanna keep up with me you should mosey on over to facebook:

or my clothing line at:
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Amazing $1.00 Starting bid on Gown [23 Sep 2010|03:25pm]
One of our 18th Century inspired black satin fairytale gowns is on sale on Ebay with a starting bid of $1.00. CUSTOM SIZED. Normally $679.00!!

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C16 [07 Aug 2010|12:52pm]
I leave for C16 on Wednesday. I am driving there. Wheee 26 hour drive.
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Here is your daily spam of me [22 Jul 2010|05:19pm]
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Facebook Fan Page [21 Jul 2010|11:56am]
Heya guys. Does anyone even read this thing anymore?

Well just in case you do and still wanna keep up with me and followed me since my modeling days,
I have made a facebook fan page for my older work and to encourage me to do more modeling and such. If anyone still wants to keep up with my old ass then please add me:

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Check out our Etsy [15 Jul 2010|07:03pm]
Buy Handmade
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AZAC Corsets for sale on Etsy, Cleaning out the studio sale CHEAP [22 Jun 2010|09:00pm]
AZAC Corsets for sale on Etsy, Cleaning out the studio sale CHEAP

I've been out of the loop for awhile as life tends to have a way of taking up my net time as of late, but I wanted to let you guys know about all the really good deals we have on corsets on our Etsy store. All these corsets are UNDER $100 DOLLARS! To make things easier I will post individual links:

24 inch Red PVC Skull and Dagger Overbust:

22 inch 18th century style white corset:

26 inch demin hunt scene underbust:

30 inch red plaid underbust:

Black custom sized short underbusts in Satin:
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Men's Rococo Coat on Etsy [10 Jun 2010|08:46pm]
Size M or L
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Azrael's Accomplice Corsets for Sale on Ebay [05 May 2010|12:56pm]
Two styles of our custom sized corsets for sale on ebay, way under retail, and with BEST OFFER option.

Arachna Corset:


Underbust Hourglass Corset:
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Lots of stuff for sale on Ebay/Etsy [07 Mar 2010|05:33pm]
lots of stuff for sale right now, see below cut for details, corsets, skirts, dresses, etcCollapse )
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Selling Some of my Records [27 Feb 2010|05:49pm]
I am selling some of my records. Paypal payment only. I will ship worldwide or you can pick up.
Message me here to claim or send me a private message to Batty@io.com, shipping depends on where you are located so will quote you when you ask me.

1) The Cure
limited edition 7" on clear vinyl
Uk edition

2) The Birthday Party
Release the Bats/Blastoff 45"

3) Autumn
45 on blue vinyl
Tess records germany

4) Gene Loves Jezebel

5) The Mission UK
God's Own Medicine

6) The Cure
In Between Days 7"

7) Alien Sex Fiend
Maximum Security

8)Soft Cell
Non Stop Ecotatic Dancing

9) Missing Person's
Destination Unkwown Single
Full Size record

10) The Chameleons UK
Strange Times

11) Depeche Mode
A Broken Frame

12) Pop Will Eat Itself
RARE full size record
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My twitter account got deleted [27 Feb 2010|01:05pm]
Re-add me, someone deleted my old twitter account or something, I dunno, but please re-add me:

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Putting it out there, selling my original Transmuters?? [26 Feb 2010|08:08pm]
So I am thinking of selling my ORIGINAL Terry de Havilland TRANSMUTER boots. These were the first ones made before the company was sold. They have the usual problems of the screws coming out of the foam soles and are missing a buckle or two, which is easily replaced with just about any other platform boot buckle. They ...have rubber spikes on the tongue and soles. and are a size 9. Anyone that wanted to give them some TLC could fix them up I am sure. Anyone interested? Make me an offer. I paid like $500 for them.
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Well it's been awhile since I asked, but if ya wanna help.... [25 Feb 2010|04:55pm]
I have no idea if anyone out there even cares or does this anymore but hey why not?...

I am now working with my very dear friend from Japan to start a new clothing collection for AZAC. The only very sad thing is that he had to go back home to Japan this week, due to weird crap with my living situation. In order for us to be successful I need to raise enough money top bring him back by next month sometime. I am selling almost everything I own to do this, but if anyone out there really wants to support my clothing lines but doesn't want or cant afford to buy anything, you can always donate, I really have no shame in this situation, getting him back here is the only thing important to me right now, and I would be eternally grateful =)

So if you are feeling it you can donate:

Or you can always buy something from my ebay store:

Over the next few days I will pretty much be selling everything I own to raise the money to bring him back. So look for new stuff going up all the time.
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Special Direct Underbust Corset Sale Size 20-44 [08 Feb 2010|04:34pm]
details hereCollapse )
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Ebay Store [03 Feb 2010|02:50pm]
Got lots of stuff for auction on our ebay store:

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Twitteriffic [24 Jan 2010|06:18pm]
Follow me and AZAC Designs on twitter:

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Black Velvet and Red Lace overbust corset on Etsy Sale, $85! [24 Jan 2010|04:15pm]
I have one more corset on super sale on Etsy, it's black velvet and red lace, overbust in style, steel boned of course, size 32 waist, going for only $85.00, never worn:

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Black Velvet Overbust with Red Lace Size 32 Ebay, SALE [21 Jan 2010|04:16pm]

Size 32 black velvet overbust with red lace front panel, steel boned, front busk, on sale for BIN of $95.00 brand new.
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Four more corsets on super sale on etsy, under 60 dollars! [21 Jan 2010|01:38pm]
I am still clearing out ALL of the older corsets laying around our clothing studio at bargin basement prices. There are four new offerings up on Etsy right now. ALL priced under $60 for real steel boned corsets. I just need these out of my way! Various sizes, info below the cut.

info and sizing hereCollapse )
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